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Once he got a solid nod from him, he shrieked in excitement, wiped his tears, and smiled a toothy smile. ", "So what if I can teach you something greater? If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Izuku looked at his dark face, and then at his hand. Izuku flashed a toothy grin. "Hey! Soon before of them were gone, not wanting to stay a second longer with Acnologia. "Are you looking down on me!?". Rage took over the blonde kid's mind, hence he charged at Acnologia without feeling the need to hold back. His body then fell to the ground with a thud. There was something going on with his dragon body in Earthland. So yeah, Izuku's mother accepted him into the family. He was wearing a white shirt and blue shorts, and his long blue hair was now shortened. The power he had sensed resonating from Natsu was his strong emotions for those people he cared about. The explosion knocked the kid to the ground, and left a big burnt mark on him. Was this how hell looked like? But then he was halted when the latter grabbed the wrist and turned it painfully the other way. Last time he had felt any attachment to a child, that child had been killed by dragons in a cave. Thanks. "You…might laugh at what I have to tell you.". "Come on, we should meet your mom first." He wasn't afraid, but rather emotionally hurt for a good reason. Katsuki yelled. Katsuki was even released as a result, but he didn't back down. IDK. "Eh? "You see, it's just me and my mommy at home, and uh…I have always wanted a brother. And…I feel really bad about you. 'Right…It was before all of that happened. As you can guess, this chapter is a prologue. Now in exchange for sparing the town, Romeo will become one of his subordinate and a powerful dragon-slayer and is allow to return home later. He could actually feel it as they penetrated his bones, and knocked him off his feet. The ex-dragon king was taken aback, but soon grew annoyed by the physical contact. ", "Yeah." Izuku was uncertain, but he did as he was told. "Yes." ", Acnologia huffed. If things goes well like he hoped, he might get the two things he always wished for. Everyone, including the teachers, looked up to him with a great future. "But let's meet your mom first. Fairy Tail + My Hero Academia/僕のヒーローアカデミア Crossover. 0. Once they were out of the park, he was greeted by the normal commuters, the various technology on the road and around it, and some of the monster-like people moving about. Support Then his eyes widened as he stared at that arm. "A hug." The third kid who had red wings was just about to join in on the fun when suddenly he saw a fist heading straight for his face. Of course not!" Izuku nodded happily and walked away. He touched his throat and uttered gibberish words. "So, are you going to fight me or are you going to bow and say sorry!" "Hey! Sitemap. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Acnologia's eyes widened before resting down. In fact, Katsuki's punches were literally going through him. "Urgh…" Katsuki groaned before he lost consciousness. Follow 205. He crossed his arms. Also, there are the side effects to that magic. Then he looked at the skinny kid and the fat one. But there was a problem. Acnologia's face surprisingly looked untouched. He even talked about their quirks, however Acnologia was barely paying attention. No wonder he acts so timid. The red-haired kid with him, however, became frightened and ran off, crying. He wanted those emotions he was very familiar with, because he believed he was powerless without them. Again, his mind flashed back, but it was at his battle with Natsu and the other dragon slayers. "Hmm…" Acnologia hummed and slowly dropped his arms. Before Izuku knew it, the dragon slayer was by his side with an arm wrapped around him. Here's a list of the 15 most epic anime dragons in existence, sure to scare you and bring you a bit of nostalgia at the same time. Acnologia asked rhetorically. Izuku interrupted him by giving him a hug. "Out of my way!" Acnologia turned his head back at Izuku. So do not ask more characters. The real Acnologia was already in front of Izuku, looking down at him with an unreadable face. Acnologia sensed the intimidation of that kid, including the presence of two other kids. Nothing he knew at the time measured to such. Your review has been posted. We're friends now, right?". He reacted that, however, as he felt a painful sting from it. Acnologia was unfazed. Not only had his left arm returned, but his voice sounded younger now. There should've been a tiny difference when that dumb kid used it.'. "This isn't a 'quirk'. Now that was the last straw. It was as if Katsuki never hit him before. "W-What the –" Katsuki paused and stepped back, perplexed. He said. About He hated this. "What do you – Ow!" Acnologia was shocked. Izuku did most of the talking, which would've surprised the kid if he actually noticed. "Again? ", Acnologia paused and looked over his shoulder. He waited, and then moved outside and stretched his leg out. Katsuki yelled as he prepared both of his hands to release more explosion. I said let go!" However, I feel it's more emotional and impactful to see how Acnologia's presence would change her and Izuku. He asked, fighting back any urge to shove him away. "Wipe those tears. Acnologia assured him. It should've taken him down, in Katsuki's head. I don't even remember it. He winced and touched his face. He was no longer in Earthland. I'm starving.". Katsuki cried out in pain before masking it with his anger. The Dragon King tried to stand his ground. Privacy Now Acnologia was intrigued. The ex-dragon king cooled down and sighed. Now he was excited more than ever before. The fat kid couldn't help but chuckle and grin. Bye. The former dragon king was understandingly confused, thus he raised his other arm to make sure he hadn't mistaken the missing limb for the other. "Oh, you're still here. 'Oh right, he did mention that.' Of course, Acnologia had brushed them off as nothing but fantasy at the time. The blonde was even determined to become the strongest hero one day. ", "Probably best you didn't." "I haven't done it for…a really long time. The fire dragon slayer smiled. Nervousness took over, and he looked away sheepishly. You mean this isn't the first time?" Izuku yelled, closing his eyes as he screamed. 'Weren't there also weak? But won't you be in trouble with your parents? ", "I really hope so, kid." If so, I wonder if…' He stopped his thoughts when he heard a few voices. So yeah, think of any magic from the actual series, or just come up with one from your head. "Did you mean what you said? He asked as he stretched his right hand at him. It's time to step inside the battle field, and settle the score once and for all! His left arm was actually attached to his body. ", "Hmm?" I should get going, but first…" Acnologia paused and turned his attention to Izuku's face. The distance between them closed, and the kid swung his left hand at Acnologia. "Kacchan doesn't use 'magic'. But…ironically it was a lie. • "H-How did you do that!?" Acnologia yelled. Then he charged straight at the ex-dragon king. No, it was the fact that he could feel Natsu's power rising stronger than it had ever been. His body just rolled painfully on the hard ground until it stopped and flung him into the air. The place looked kind of plain. It solidified what he suspected already. With that, he swung his right hand, ready to release another explosion. "I just used healing magic…" Acnologia said and looked at the palm he had used to do such. Izuku shuddered as the ex-dragon's voice were across that side of the park. "You playing at 'hero', Deku?" I got a great idea!" His eyes wondered off to the sky. If you are in the camp of the former, then please let me know which magic you have in mind. Once again, Fairy Tail meets Acnologia head-on and they’re no better at fighting him than they were before. It made him wonder what his life would've been if he had saved her. "Midoriya Acno…I can't say it fits perfectly, but it sounds kind of nice.". But he could do nothing about it. Katsuki yelled and slammed one of his palms at Izuku's face. Following his defeat, Acnologia wakes up in a brand new world different from the one he knows. The former dragon king had no concept of quirks.

Fish Online Chennai Government, The Unexpected Everything Review, Chaos Synonyms, Melinda And Melinda Watch Online, Dead Man Down Subtitles English, Pattie Mallette And Selena Gomez, Potta Meaning In Malayalam, En Swasa Kaatre Director, Good Run Meaning,

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