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[34], No qualification other than a driving licence is legally required to use blue lights. Amber/yellow lights do not grant traffic privileges, except to go in the opposite direction in one-way streets or driving on the opposite side in some cases, e.g. For the delivery or collection of human transplant organs human blood or human blood products. This same study compared different light colors for glare and detection time under both daylight and night conditions. [28] Since emergency vehicles are usually imported from other parts of the world, one can see a great variety of light colors and siren types in Colombia. This clear dome/colored bulb lens combination also found extensive use across the US as fire apparatus and ambulance lighting. Emergency vehicle lighting is generally used to clear the right of way for emergency vehicles, or to warn approaching motorists of potential hazards, such as a vehicle that is stopped or moving slower than the rate of traffic, or a car that has been pulled over. [54], Although not specifically linked to the use of warning beacons, the police, fire brigade and ambulance services (and in certain cases, the blood services and bomb disposal units, but not the other emergency services listed above) may also choose to allow their drivers to claim legal exemptions from certain motoring regulations, such as being able to treat a red traffic light as a give way sign,[55] exceeding the speed limit,[56] passing the wrong side of a keep left/right sign,[57] driving in a bus lane,[58] or parking in restricted areas. In Texas, highway maintenance vehicles display blue in combination with amber. In Ohio, snowplows used by the Ohio Department of Transportation use a combination of green and amber lights. Whether as lightbars or single beacons, LED-based lights typically use a clear, colorless dome because the light color is an intrinsic property of the LEDs themselves. Under Colombian law, emergency vehicles are authorized to use lights and sirens to demand priority in traffic. Later, the individual components of the lightbar were integrated into a single contiguous unit, with two elongated domes on either side of a siren enclosure. Slick-top police cars also lack the silhouette of a lightbar or beacon, making the car harder to identify as a police vehicle from a distance, especially fore and aft. Final report. Strobe lighting did provide intense light which could improve visibility, but the short duration of the individual flash made it necessary to design the electronics to issue multiple consecutive flashes before alternating with the other associated lens pair. The three emergency lights used in Romania are red, blue and amber. Green and blue emergency lighting is used by some counter-terrorism agencies whilst responding to terrorist incidents, so as to distinguish the specialist agencies from other emergency departments. In Kentucky, civilian possession of a blue flashing light is prohibited by state law. (California Vehicle Code 25258(b)). Standard Dutch police cars often have the text bar incorporated in the light bar, vans and motorcycles usually have a separate sign on the front of the vehicle. In Washington State, under the provisions of RCW 46.37.185, a firefighter may use a green light on their privately owned vehicle with the approval of the fire chief of the department they are employed by. There is also a GSA procurement specification for ambulances known as KKK-A-1822-F,[80] which many local authorities follow. It is legal to fitt these lights to other vehicles, such as privately owned cars. Used on most police and ambulance, and on some types of fire vehicles, but red is to be used only in combo with blue. Fire trucks are generally imported from the US, and therefore primarily use red lights although European-style fire trucks with blue lights can sometimes be seen and, more rarely, yellow lights as in Spain. (par 36). Chicago Police utilizes blue lighting for law enforcement. A steady burn green light is permitted on taxis available for hire, and was formerly used on buses to indicate a bus was in service and with places free for passengers. It has yet to be determined whether autonomous vehicles will be required to carry lights, or what colors or patterns they might exhibit to warn off aggressive human drivers. 4 Rev. Ambulance Lights and Sirens: How useful are they? Steady checkered lights denote command and control vehicles - these are red and white for fire (one of the few situations where a forward-facing red light may be shown), blue and white for police and green and white for ambulance,[65] and are often fitted in the middle of the light bar. In the United States, colors are generally regulated at the state and local levels, but there are some commonalities. The Road Vehicles Lighting (Amendment) Regulations 2005 Reg 6, Definition of ‘Emergency vehicle’ in Regulation 3 of, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Road Traffic (Traffic Control) Regulations, Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, Special Units of the Romanian Intelligence Service, Ministry of Justice - General Directorate of Prisons, Emergency vehicle equipment in the United Kingdom, Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service, "Bunker in Braunschweig | Luftschutzgesetz - 8. Each color is subject to specific regulations that serve to communicate the purpose and context of the vehicle’s activity to others. Swedish ambulances use a single green flashing light to indicate the command post. French law strictly states what kind of blue lights and sirens an emergency vehicle can display, with 2 different categories. However, these lights may only be fitted and operational while stationary at an emergency scene, not while mobile in traffic. The gas emergency service vehicles do not have lightbars. Police agencies may use red, blue, or both, depending on the state, along with white and amber as optional colors; although amber is usually restricted to face behind the vehicle. Other agencies and authorities that are permitted to carry blue lights on their service or intervention vehicles include the customs administration, the military police, the service for the removal and destruction of explosive devices, the governors of the provinces, the civil defense service, the security service of the railroad network, Infrabel and utility companies.[16]. Agricultural tractors (with limited exceptions), white with white/dark blue colour with smaller EU dark blue lights -, dark blue with smaller white lights + dark blue beacons - Paramedics (Neatliekamā medicīniskā palīdzība), Fire, ambulance or police purposes (this includes private ambulances and agencies who can appoint employees to the office of, Almost always denotes an emergency vehicle if the lights are facing forward, A near universal exception to this rule is. Officers appointed to enforce the Highway Traffic Act and other statutes use red or red and blue lights as well, such as Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Natural Resources, City of Yellowknife Municipal Enforcement Division, Iqaluit Municipal Enforcement Dept, Alberta and Saskatchewan Peace officers, University Constables and others. Green emergency lighting is used on vehicles which are protecting nuclear facilities, oil & gas depots, water storage facilities and dams, gas pipelines, airports, defense facilities, maritime facilities, and all other areas which are at a high risk of terrorist attacks. Services: Ambulances, EMS, Police As are certain bye-law enforcement and a small selection of private security companies. In reality some drivers will disobey other laws at their professional judgement but they do so without any automatic protection from the law. Blue flashing lights are the most visible at night, though perhaps not quite effective during daylight hours. Green emergency lighting is also used by private security agencies securing certain government buildings and establishments where terrorist organizations may also target. White is rarely used as the only color on a lightbar, though some states. While red and blue both compared favorably with amber for glare under various conditions, some contradictory findings were observed for detection time. 1990: Flashing blue light on snow-removal equipment", "Ontario Regulation 484/07: Lamps — use of flashing red or green lights", "Alberta Highway Traffic Regulation 155/97", Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation - Snowplows, "Authorization to Equip Hearses and Official Funeral Vehicles with a Flashing Purple Lighting Device", "AO. Police used to have blue-colored emergency lights but after a recent restock of vehicles, now the use of both blue and red color is usual. However, rather unusually, it is not specified what types of lights and sirens can be used. Typically these lights are the single beacon kind, although lightbars have been used for vehicles of this type, especially on wreckers/tow trucks.

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