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In real life, Daniella actually CAN sing. In case you're wondering, Frankie Grande's reaction in that moment is exactly what I do every single damn time I watch this video. He is my favourite singer in the whole band. Doesn't use autotune, played tons of instruments, he is a swrious musician where as most of these will fade in years to come. She is like the best singer on Victorious. That said, Victorious amounts to little more than a thrown-together mess. Brad Kavanagh is amazing! I did not expect it from him but he was good like in real good, Brad is cool and a good singer but he mainly just sings songs from other people but he does sing he own so, strikes but he is cool. It's just her she is amazing and I love her. And I think Kendall Knight is nothing like Kendall Schmidt. Whenever I silently sing a song the girls in my class laugh at me not because I'm not good at singing is that they think victoria justice is so yesterday and one direction is what people listen to because everyone likes them. On victorious she is asked to pretend she can’t sing but god damn, she can really sing. more. I love Miranda Cosgrove! Nope, Graham Phillips was there as well, who played the show's leading man (well, leading teenage boy, considering the show was about teenagers and starred teenagers, hence the name). Victoria justice should be number 1. Victorious is anything but. Haha! He's got a very strong voice. Dec 12, 2019 - Explore Amber's board "Victorious nickelodeon" on Pinterest. And finally, there was one last video Grande posted from this party (but then inexplicably deleted). I like his long hair... And he looks like Taylor Lautner or Robbie Amell or James Maslow just in a thin size... You rock Bro! For some reason, Grande deleted the video from her Instagram, but not before fans could record it themselves, thankfully. Guitarist, frontman, and songwriter Andrew Stockdale remains the only founding member. Yup, before she was the biggest pop star on the planet and even before she was a Nickelodeon staple, she was in a Jason Robert Brown musical called 13. I love his music from victorious and also think that he should join Ariana grande and help her become even more successful! You can feel the emotion in her voice which is something that cannot be said for most of the bubble gum pop singers on Nick. I love her voice. Otherwise she kills her belts and high notes, and rarely needs autotune as she never goes offtune and is only occasionally flat. I absolutely love him! "Happy Face" is a riff -- not a song -- that drones on far too long. This singer is a no trick pony. Shes amazing! He's really talented! u feel me. And she has a natural talent for songwriting. ", video of Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies singing. His guitar and bass playing occasionally take hold of his reckless muse, offering hope for the future. He can play the piano, quitar and maybe drums too _ and you guy that plays piano so well? Ariana Grande is a great singer! She is amazing! I love her so much, She has a great aditude in her music and her voice is a cute rockstar voice, LOVE YOUR SONGS HEY NOW AND ALL ABOUT TONIGHT. which is much harder for a female to do, and she can belt out high notes as well. I'm done. Just saying! Her whistle tones are lovely, but she admitted that they can get out of control. I don't see why he isn't at least in the top 3?! Grande quoted the tweet and responded, "Pls continue for another twenty. I want to met you Tom Kenny you make me so happy I have a girlfrend her name is Melina Bucci and you help me how to show love and to be kind thank you for helping me in my whole life, Greate singer. ONE DIRECTION SUCK! I have only heard her sing once and it blew me away! Kendall is really funny. Jun 19, 2012 - Explore Dariana Melendez's board "Songs " on Pinterest. Miranda's got a sweet voice. This guy can sing, dance, act, play the piano, the guitar, I'm pretty sure drums too... And probably a lot of other instruments. She was amazing! Loved his voice from the first time I heard it. It also isn't realistic at all that Tori would ALWAYS get all the roles and sing at all the events and I say this having gone to an arts high school, they don't just have the same person perform over and over again. But she sort of should sing in a lower tune. Liz is way better than Vic because Vic just has this normal voice. Go Daniella Monet! Jennette mccurdy is my all time favorite singer. Someone tweet that to Dan? Top 10 Everyday Things that Could Be Eliminated by 2030, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. And also in Victorious, she should get back with Beck. Check out her videos on YouTube. I’ve seen him sing on the show ‘School of Rock’ I rlly think he’s good and he should have been a singer on the ‘Thundermans’! You can see it in her covers of the more obscure songs that are slower-paced and have more meaningful lyrics than most of the usually annoying pop and autotune songs we hear on the radio. Best singer on Nick and it's a shame she's so underrated; she has heaps of talent. After more lineup changes, Wolfmother emerges with its fourth proper album. OMG from victorious he is amazing! But I still think he is an awesome actor and did I mention he is REALLY HOT! Celine deserves the number 1 spot. And their annoying fans with no brains at all. (If you saw the live version on FOX a few weeks ago, this was the duet Vanessa Hudgens and Kiersey Clemons sang in Act Two.) I mean he's like the best singer on Victorious, maybe on Nicklelodeon. We are NOT talking about Jade, her character on Victorious, which is something lots of people mix up. On Victorious, he plays all guitars and basses, with hired studio drummers Josh Freese and Joey Waronker, and Ian Peres on keyboards. "Man, i’m so lucky and grateful to be able to sing pop music and do all of this for a living," she tweeted, "but last night made me so, unimaginably happy. it’s just home n always will be. i really..... am musical theater thru and thru. Her song "Stronger" is truly one of my favorites. But I've never seen a video of her live (alone). Without a creative and forceful rhythm section giving him creative pushback, Stockdale is lost in half-baked songs and uninspired arrangements. Did y'all know Ariana Grande got her start on Broadway? The lyrics they're singing in the video go like this: At one point, the camera pans to Frankie Grande who is jumping up and down in excitement over this performance. He is really great on the best show ever Big Time Rush. This is a messy collection that attempts to expand on the scope of the swaggering, bluesy hard rock of the band's first two albums. She barely uses any auto-tune. SHE WAS AWESOME IN HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL AND SHARPAY'S FABULOUS ADVENTURE! Jennette McCurdy just have something in her that makes her amazing! When she was singing with Victoria on iParty With Victorious, Victoria sounded beautiful and Miranda sounded worse than Ariana Grande. I love SpongeBob SquarePants, I love your songs that I want to be u plus my name is Jillian schafstall. He's probarbly the most talented at Hollywood ArtsHow's he only got 1% votes?! Opener "The Love That You Give" contains an over the top hard rock riff that gives way to equally strident psychedelia with a nice textural touch in the guitar interplay. That's why I think Victoria Justice is the most Hottest singer in the World. It's not clear where this little Broadway singalong is going down, but that doesn't matter as much as what's going down in the video. He's awesome my brother met him and max sent my sitster a video saying he would love to meet her nexttime he came to visit in Philly and if she was at his concert. She is not on Nick, she was on disney. Elizabeth sings with soul, power, and heart. In my opinion, he sings a thousand times better than Justin Bieber and one direction combined. Ariana is like Christina Aguilera, not necessarily one-of-a-kind. In case you all needed an update on my — a theater kid's — emotional state, don't even ask. Liz is way better than Victoria and I agree she definitely has to sing way more on the show. I never expected to hear that from him! Stockdale's falsetto vocals are excellent, but massively amplified handclaps, an unnecessarily distorted bassline, and a sloppy organ all try way too hard to make a catchy, minor, barroom rock & roll song an anthem. See more ideas about Songs, Victorious cast, Demi lovato. In it, Grande and Gillies (whose characters used to sing together all the time on Victorious) are seen standing at mics and singing "Take Me Or Leave Me" from Rent. I almost dislocated my jaw as my mouth open soooooo wide because I was soooooo shocked! Like or reply if u think victorious cast should do a new series with how they currently look.In the new series, I think Tori and Bec should get together and Bec and Tori can show Jade how good of a couple they are. She's number 1 on this. She's definitely ...more. So much talent in one young girl! If Ariana Grande did a Broadway show I quite literally would not know what to do with myself. Best singer on Nickelodeon. The two reunited this weekend and reminded us of their Broadway roots by singing some show tunes. Liz is NOT Jade. When she was in Big Time Rush, I had to sing with her when she did her part. And that every song they play Kendall sings really good so I think Kendall is the best one. She is the daughter of Serene Reed and Zack Justice. Deep, soulful voice. Her singing on and off the show are MILES above Victoria for sure. See more ideas about Victorious, Victorious cast, Celebrities. That is my option why drake is the best singer on nicklodeon. 3 Celine Dion Céline Marie Claudette Dion is a Canadian singer and businesswoman. Victoria Justice is a sexy and attractive girl that has her own show and her unique voice I'm still buzzing out why Liz Gillies is number 1 her voice is good ariana grande's voice is loud and good with runs like a mini Christina Aguilera and Victoria Justice's voice is so unique and contagious she's easy to love if you hear her voice she can sing high like ariana and sing low like Liz but her voice is lovable and my mind wants me to say Ariana but my heart wins this vote so I decided to pick Victoria Justice. He is the best singer in btr and is SUPER hot! No auto tune. James maslow is one of the best singers among his memebers in Big Time Rush.. You rock... Maslow Rule! Actually let's write our own." I'm a really big Ariana Grande fan, but she does have some issues like her technique and larynx position, and other things. Jennette McCurdy is kind of like the people who have been famous for a while, and then just decide to post a video on YouTube of them singing.

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