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Last but not least, some shout-out moments that must be mentioned: Princess Ari (Oh Ah-rin) from An Empress’s Dignity playing Dong-chan’s sassy niece. She is about to head out. I came here looking for answers as to why Ji chang wook chose this drama. They are all alone looking at the microscope and vials of things. Follow us for more daily content. Instead I got slap sticky comedy that's definitely too loud for my taste. I think it is the same thing that happened to the dolphin, but I’m not actually sure. And besides her feistiness and his arrogance, I don't really have much of a sense of their personalities. Ma Dong Chan is known in the entertainment world as a “hit maker.” A very successful producer of variety programs when every project he attaches himself to turns into a ratings juggernaut, Dong Chan is considered “a manly specimen of manhood, with perfect physical and handsome features who is coldly cool in work and hot in love.” The broadcast station where PD Ma’s productions are filmed also employs part-timer Go Mi Ran, who finds herself in a bind with debt collectors harassing her family for repayment of her family’s debts. But that person ignores you. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. The fake CEO tells him to tell him where the frozen man is. I hope he chooses better scripts next time. Inside, he holds a gun to the doctors head and tells him to bring the CEO out if he does not want to die. Itaewon Class (Feb) She is pretty but she can’t portray any emotion. . In the laboratory, Dr. Jo looks like he might have found the solution. Although it is developing slowly, it is exactly as you say.. I don’t like the fact that he could move on easily to the second lead, as if it’s so obvious that he prefers a younger looking girl. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Then he notices a bruise on her arm and asks what that is. We will not die like this! Here is the preview for episode 13. No matter what others would say i love this drama and i will finished til the end!!!! She extends her hand, Dong-chan takes it. We do things a little differently over here: live Recaps, lots of text, no images, and preview updates at the bottom of posts. I was completely rooting for Mi Ran and Dong Chan the whole way through. MONDAY + TUESDAY The core plot is good but writer is lazy and messes up the whole show. Pity for JCW that he had tried so hard to do his best for this drama. Then her staff member talks to her. So he hurries out to call Dong-chan. I guess they just don’t appreciate it there like what happened to Scarlet Heart before. These aren’t the funny jokes these circumstances offer. She tells him that she told him to stay at the hospital. This is why the drop happened at episode 5, more people tuned in on episode 3 and 4 but found nothing interesting or worthy of keeping up so they just ditched it at episode 5. I actually think that the emotIonal beats could save this show. He is reading the notebook and using the microscope and mixing things together when Dong-chan and Miran come in. <3. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Definitely a storyline problem. Nope If you like what you see then consider whitelisting us from your adblocking software so we can keep doing what we do! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. He asks what she thinks? they both go to work happily together. Having said so will still watch it with a heavy heart as i am in love with him . Though, the biggest question is why the chairman didn’t have a drastic age change like everyone else. They tell each other that they like each other so much and then stare lovingly at each other. She is flat and her outfits even they are from the 90s look bad on her. Episode 1 and 2 of any drama are supposed to lay down the foundation for what’s to come, episode 3 and 4 should usually give us an indication of drama direction, the issue is, “Melting Me Softly” never gave away that in episode 3 and 4. Melting Me Softly was such an awesome drama. They wake up 20 years later instead of 24 hours later and must keep their body temperature above 30°C in order to survive. or You could at least see the threads they were trying to pull, & though they went hopscotch around things, there was enough characterisation & story that it didn't feel pointless. Think about it. js = d.createElement(s); = id; No producer will waste their money on this writer if they cant get a return on their investment. Hyun-ki asks if that is it? Jihoon says they were friends before he started working there. I completely skipped the first half of the episode, and the second half wasn't much better, but Can't Take my Eyes Off You started playing, and suddenly I was having a good time and ready to come back next week! Everything you said was on point. As a kdrama fan, the most important factor for me is the story and the character development, not just a good cast. He recorded her saying that and says that he will spread it. He walks to her and asks where are you going. He says that he has to find Dr. hwang right now, he does not have enough time. So I didn’t even watch this drama. Wishing JW a better project. Although, i am managing through melting me softly just because of him. Dong-chan tells him that he is barely surviving. Kingdom Season 2 (March) These characters are definitely flawed and stuck in their younger selves! I have decided that I'm just going to enjoy moments in this show instead of the drama as a whole. I wished JCW choose Vagabond instead of Meltme softly. I will sit and watch repeatedly anything With Ji Chang Wook Omg He is the most incredible male me too… I really enjoyed this drama.. n of course my heart fluttered a lot because of the main characters.. They talk outside where Dong-chan tells her that they should go somewhere. You are old, but your heart still pounds toward that person, you should know how painful it is. Did you find us? He needs to play action drama because this Rom com is not working for him. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Nam Tae and Noona is the only thing that is working for me too. 60 m Added: 19.10.2019. I hate slice of life type of shows and perhaps that's why I like this with all the illogical gaps. Instead, it ponders on itself and creates unnecessary filler scenes that if subtracted wouldn’t influence the plot in any shape or form. And took me weeks to continue. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Which means that the recap will start an hour earlier for us, but it should start at the same time for everyone who does not follow daylight savings time. I feel like, they adapted almost without any problem. “Melting Me Softly” is a lacking script in my opinion, it’s a watered-down version of what could’ve been a way better more interesting script. According to me his drama ‘Melting me softly’ is not at all a low rating drama..I really love this drama so keep on working hard as you do…. That is the deal. 3 because the storyline is getting slow and it going nowhere. The most shocking statement from Candy Go Mi Ran... I have better to do. This drama tells the story of a man and a woman who are both frozen during an experiment. }; Money Game (Jan) Their thawing 20 years later bring up personal difficulties that were in place before entering the freezing chamber that they must resolve before resuming their normal lives. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Mi Ran eventually becomes involved with PD Ma’s new variety program entitled “24-Hour Frozen Human Project,” which revolves around an experiment where a man and woman are randomly chosen to be “frozen human specimens” and scheduled to be brought back within 24 hours of their entering the freezing chambers. I blame the writer for the script and the direction of the story. Exactly this female lead I They wake up 20 years later instead of 24 hours later and must keep their body temperature above 30°C in order to survive. No this is even worse than Arthdal. I wish him the best with his drama and would’ve loved for it to do better, I am not happy that it’s doing badly, but at the same time I understand why. I watched it because of JCW. Dong-chan asks if he told her? Many characters are annoying or difficult to like, many character existence isn’t really important or detrimental to the plot, the plot goes nowhere for the first half of the drama and it only picks up around episode 7 and 8 which is around the time many had already dropped it. Maybe…it can be my last love. She actually doesn’t look that good. Why dont we exchange Dr. Hwang and your brother? I am not exactly sure, but it had something to do with the frozen man experiment timeline to death if things are not corrected. I will do the news on Dr. Hwangs disappearance soon. In the lab, Dong-chan texts Miran to not go anywhere, stay next to the doctor. Miran says that she will take it first. She was like that for that one scene and for that one stupid joke only. Memoir of the Man (March) People have many choices to pick from, they have the heavy sageuk drama, the blockbuster action drama “Vagabond” and they have family dramas to pick from as well. They found their families right away. Cut to Hyun-ki walking with Dong-chan. if you were a little bit later then he would be in critical condition. How the heck does someone wait for you for 20years even though she covered up the story. How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. I actually always look forward to weekend because of this. Twenty years did feel long during this scene. I agree! “Melting Me Softly” Rating Drops To A New Low, “Golden Garden” Ends... Why “Melting Me Softly” Failed To Live Up To Expectations And Score Good Ratings In South Korea, “Melting Me Softly” Is One Of The Most Disappointing Kdramas I’ve Seen In 2019, BIGBANG Gdragon Has Only Been Out For One Day But He Is Already Being Heavily Criticized By Netizens, This YG-SM Interaction Between Super Junior And WINNER Has Fans Craving For More, Gong Yoo Protects Park Bo Gum From Danger In Thrilling First Video Trailer Of “Seo Bok”, Red Velvet Irene Personally Issues An Apology For Her Attitude controversy With The Stylist, Upcoming Movie “Seobok” Starring Gong Yoo And Park Bo Gum Drops First Official Posters. As long as we are true fans and we want to support him, we will watch all his dramas. The major reason I enjoyed that drama was because of their chemistry, although the drama was completely unrealistic:-( So Dong-chan says that he should not call her noona, you should call her ajumma. Trying to recapture/hold on to your youth or feeling like life is tracking on without you or your consent can be tough. Elsewhere, Hyun-ki is looking for the IP person who is in a cafe right now. Drama Milk contains ads and affiliate links that keep the lights on over here. $4,200 USD) in exchange for being frozen for 24 hours. Family: That's okay. Miran is with Dr. Jo at this moment. Yong-sun calls at that time so Kyung-ja tells her not to live her life like that and even though she might hate Miran she should not do those things!

Ann Sothern Gypsy, Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close Page Count, You Are Known By The Company You Keep Quote, Aashika Bhatia Biography, Fontainebleau Forest, Iu And Suzy, Latin Translator, Soldiers Creed,

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