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She tells him that Max and Jeanine are working together to find a new Dauntless leader, one they can control for their own nefarious means (like monitoring people to see if they're Divergent and taking Pop-Tarts out of all the vending machines). The group splits up, and is ambushed. Lastly, Chapter 4 establishes the book's overarching villain - Jeanine Matthews. Tris joins up with Andrew, Caleb, and Marcus: they plan to break into the Dauntless headquarters and shut down the computers that control the soldiers. When Tris tells Tobias that he may not be in her fear landscape anymore, he says that everybody could call her Six, referring to her then only having six fears, to which Tris replies, "Four and Six". Tris is able to resist the truth serum, and get Evelyn to let her, Cara, and Christina go. Caleb and Beatrice deny hearing anything about this. That Tris was the first to do so speaks volumes about her determination and drive, and the reaction of the Dauntless at the bottom foreshadows that during initiation, Tris will be one to watch out for. Afterwards, Tris reveals, while under the truth serum, that she killed Will while he was under simulation. This is a book by Veronica Roth that explores a dystopian theme based in Chicago. Together, they manage to infiltrate the compound and make their way to the computer room, but not before Andrew dies protecting Tris. Even in a fantasy novel, the theme of adulthood looms large. Zeke was angry at first, but was shown to have forgiven Four at the end of the book. Tobias decides to let her be close again when he allies with her in the war. He grabs her hand, though, revealing his Divergence to her. A Dauntless leader named Max greets them and informs them that to enter the Dauntless compound, they must jump off the building. They agree to come with him so they can say goodbye. Christina comes to Tobias, and asks if he's okay with his parents getting reset. Four gives Tris tips on combat skills saying "Your fast and you have that as an advantage and aim to the throat". Dauntless. Four throwing knives at Tris because she took over Al's position. One of Four’s fears is his father, Marcus, who abused him with a belt when he was a child. Eventually, in the epilogue of Allegiant Four and Shauna reconciled and became close friends again. Tris fails badly at her own fear landscape, despite the early promise she’d shown. The plan fails, and Tobias ends up getting arrested. The Erudite are smug, but the Abnegation are horrified. After shutting down the simulation he removes it from the Erudite files by putting the code for the simulation and what was done with the Simulatiom on a hardrive which he gives to Tris. Unfortunately, Amar doesn't, and ends up dead as a Dauntless doornail. The three escape together. He is described to have large hands with long narrow fingers that somehow always find a way to touch bare skin. Amar wonders if Four could be… Divergent! In order to achieve this, Jeanine injects Tris with a concentrated fear simulation serum, making her completely overwhelmed by terror. First was when they briefly held hands in the hallway outside of the shooting range. Afterwards, the 16-year-olds attend a Choosing Ceremony, where they choose the faction to which they’ll belong for the rest of their lives. They then go down to regroup. Tobias helps the other Dauntless soldiers by spying on Jack Kang, the Candor leader, and finds out Erudite is going to send a representative of Jeanine to discuss a negotiation. "You don't get to pick again." Afterwards, Edward drops out of Dauntless. Missing the jump would mean falling to one's death. Summary . Tobias doesn't think she has a clear perspective, and chooses to discount her suspicions. After arguing with Tris and leaving the arena, he realizes the depth of his feelings for her when he decides to stay to protect her. Then it's Beatrice's turn, and she's sure she will choose Abnegation, but then she realizes that if Caleb wasn't fit for a selfless life, then how could she be? Tris refuses to back down, and Tobias tags along to protect her. In a world divided by factions based on virtues, Tris learns she's Divergent and won't fit in. That night, Peter stabs the top-ranked recruit, a boy named Edward, in the eye. Jeanine examines Four's data (not as sexy as it sounds) but thanks to Amar's coaching he avoids her suspicion. The strategy works, and Four's team wins. Tobias notices that Peter pretends to inoculate himself during this time. On the day of the attack, Tobias goes to the control room to shut off the security system while Nita breaks into the main vault where the Bureau holds the serum. Four: A Divergent Collection is a collection of five short stories from the Divergent trilogy, told from Tobias Eaton's (Four) perspective, and written by Veronica Roth. When Shauna was failing her initiate classes, Four helped her by teaching her some fighting skills, which eventually led to Shauna successfully winning her fight. In Free Four, the knife-throwing scene is recounted from Tobias' perspective. The Abnegation ascend twenty fights of stairs, giving up their place in the elevators to the Amity. Tip: Never hire anyone who has more facial piercings than brain cells. Tobias is around 6 ft to 6'3 ft. Tobias tells Tris just how scared he is at the thought of losing her, asking her to stay for him. Just as Four is getting ready to throw, Tris stops him and voluntarily takes Al's place. She claimed that Marcus was violent towards his son, which caused the boy to switch from Abnegation to Dauntless. During Visiting Day, Tris introduces Four to her mom, Natalie Prior. But "Beatrice" just doesn't sound right anymore. On Initiation Day, Tobias is monitoring the initiates, but he can't see the simulations. When Tobias is openly mocked in the Candor cafeteria, he gets up and heads for Marcus, also at the compound, and publicly beats him up in the cafeteria. Her characterization continues to show through the various tasks she has to do before she even reaches the compound; jump onto the train, jump onto the building, and in particular, jump off of the building. Tobias is later brought into a room where Jeanine has Tris strapped to a table, and Tobias reveals to Tris that Jeanine wants information on the factionless safe houses. GradeSaver, 28 February 2014 Web. Tris is a poor fighter—she’s no match for opponents like Peter, a huge, sadistic recruit. Tris figures that they need to listen in to the conversation to find out what Erudite is going to ask for. Because he desperately wants to leave his old Abnegation life behind, when someone asks him his name he replied that his name is, you got it, Four. Obviously he refuses as well. Summaries. Tobias later reveals to Tris that his mother contacted him after he joined Dauntless, and when he met her, the reunion wasn't a happy one. he realizes that she loves her family, who are Abnegation. They’re injected with hallucinogenic serum and forced to experience the things that frighten them most. At the age of 16, everyone in the city is made to take an aptitude test that determines what kind of person they are; i.e., which faction they belong to. A net catches her and a young man reaches out a hand to help her up. Their relationship is mostly shown in the book, Four: A Divergent Collection. Christina, though, shows up and tells him that Tris would want him to remember her, and he's not a person who takes the coward's way out. Tobias later gets into the Erudite compound, supposedly trying to rescue Tris. When she yells at him for "taunting" her, he angrily tells her that if he wanted to hurt her, he would've by now. He later sees Johanna and Marcus break into a safe house, and steal ammunition Evelyn had locked up. Tobias, though, feels like his mother will still listen when he tries to negotiate with her. So, so wrong. Faction before everything. During Eric's "trial," he asks Tris to state his crimes, and she realizes it's his way of getting to Tobias. She walks by as this occurs, and puts her hand on the window, to which he puts his hand on the other side next to hers. Tris and her peers prepare for their final challenge: a fear simulation. When Christina informs Tris and Tobias that Uriah is going to be taken off his ventilator, Tobias resolves to go into the city and get Zeke and Hana, their mother, so they can come and say goodbye to Uriah before the planned reset happens. Eventually, he decides to move on, as Tris once told him to do in case something happens to her, holding onto his memories of her while going on with his life. The novel opens with Beatrices mother cutting her hair. Hi!

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