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in einem Kino in Deiner Nähe läuft oder für das Heimkino (Streaming / DVD / Blu-ray) am Start ist. The game of Mysterious Object at Noon — whose title obviously refers to the film as well as the object that rolls out from under the teacher’s skirt — is played somewhat differently, but it has the similar effect of revealing the collective unconscious of a group of unconnected storytellers. The whole process took about three years. The film often declines to signal whether we are in the nested drama or the framing documentary; in fact, with sound and dialogue from one plane repeatedly bleeding into the other, the border between the two remains conspicuously porous. Directed by Apichatpong Weerasethakul • 2000 • Thailand. I’ve seen a good many more Apichatpong Weerasethakul films since then, including many of his early shorts, and he continues to amaze me with his range, versatility, and poetics. “Do you have any other stories to tell us?” he asks, helpfully adding that “it can be real or fiction.”. Check box if your review contains spoilers, Now Playing: Dokfa Nai Meuman: Photographs (Us). His movies are sensory immersions, primal plays of darkness and light. In his brilliantly inscrutable debut, Apichatpong Weerasethakul blends documentary authenticity with wild flights of imagination. New participants were free to alter the story they inherited, changing details and proposing alternative developments. All of this free association falls under the wide umbrella of "experimental" cinema, meaning that the often flagging pace and incoherent stretches are balanced by sublime moments of inspiration. His work is often described in terms of its mystifications, but as this humble yet capacious film reminds us, Apichatpong’s vision is a fundamentally generous one, and his magnanimity extends above all to the viewer. Classics and discoveries from around the world, thematically programmed with special features, on a streaming service brought to you by the Criterion Collection. I don’t want to suggest that I know much about Thai cinema. Before we get to the invented story, we ride through the streets of a city, presumably Bangkok, while we hear both a man telling one story and an Asian pop song on the radio. With its simultaneous impressions of abundance and incompletion—its profusion of abandoned and regenerated stories, stories that haunt one another, that have a life beyond the frame, that invite us to complete them—Mysterious Object at Noon is as close as Apichatpong has come to a statement of intent. Apparently he wants to explore the collective unconscious of the participants for reasons that are both realist and surrealist — to reveal something real about Thai villagers through their fantasies and to reveal something about their fantasies through their reality. . Ratanaruang was born in 1962, did an eight-year stint at New York’s Pratt Institute, and has worked as a freelance illustrator, designer, and art director. Weerasethakul mixes fact, fiction and filmmaking into a blend that's intriguingly obtuse, yet surprisingly revelatory. It’s bemusing that this feature was shot on 16-millimeter and blown up to 35, yet the image we see is letterboxed, a format we Yanks are used to seeing only on video. In a famous game of the Surrealists, “The Exquisite Corpse,” participants made up successive parts of a story, sentence by sentence, on a piece of paper with many folds, each participant reading only the previous sentence before adding another. What is that mysterious object? Then the crew returned to Bangkok to shoot the fictional dramas and variations with nonprofessional actors and to film interviews with the actors as well as documentary segments chronicling the activities of both the actors and film crew. So many thematic and tonal elements of Weerasethakul's later, more celebrated films, are evident in Mysterious Object at Noon that it would be easy to consider as a formative exercise alone, but even as he began to explore these fertile soils, he was creating a work of captivating and arresting beauty. Right off the bat, Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s Mysterious Object at Noon induces in the unsuspecting viewer a sensation that has become a hallmark of this singular artist’s work: the mild delirium of being agreeably lost and unmoored. Notable Video Game Releases: New and Upcoming, What to Watch Now on HBO Max and the HBO App. In three of countless subsequent versions, the mysterious object becomes a flying ball that produces a miniature boy, the teacher becomes two teachers, and the teacher returns to the boy in the wheelchair as if nothing has happened, saying she just went off to buy him an eraser. JavaScript muss aktiviert sein, um dieses Formular zu verwenden. Shot over the course of two years in 16 mm black and white, MYSTERIOUS OBJECT AT NOON established the director’s fascination with the porous boundaries between the real and the imagined. A pichatpong Weerasethakul’s debut feature film, Mysterious Object at Noon, fits nicely between two posts about César Aira’s work, Aira having a strange creative philosophy where he sits to write a story, allowing anything and everything to influence it.The resulting work is unpredictable, a memento of its own creation process. But coming from anywhere, this thoroughly unpredictable shape-shifter would have qualified as sui generis: part road movie, part folk storytelling exercise, part surrealist parlor game. That’s only a beginning of course, but it’s a central part of the business of experimental films everywhere to provide us with beginnings of this kind and to invite us to run with them. The response—“Anything you want”—establishes the anarchic tone that will prevail for the rest of the film.

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