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“Feel So Fine” is a song that allows Taeyeon to reach for those high notes, positioning her as an artist at the peak of her vocal abilities, poised to fly to new heights. which reached number two on the US iTunes chart, and number one in 21 countries The song is pure and simple – The moment I climbed over myself I see a new world The spilling sunlight, the passing wind Just realize I feel so fine. Misal: Bila masih tidak dapat menemukan lirik yang Anda cari, mungkin kami bisa membantu Anda. Oh oh 하늘 끝까지 혼자라는 편안함 속 The production is sparse but still solid, its gentle piano and steady beat an elegant accompaniment to her performance. Taeyeon sings, and her audience is compelled to listen. When I Was Young. Further down the tracklist, “Stress” took that experimental edge and turned it up a notch. TIPS PENCARIAN LIRIK FAVORIT ANDA ANDA MENGETAHUI JUDUL DAN NAMA PENYANYI. The title track “Fine” is an alternative pop song that shows the emotional and explosive melody of the chorus part. I know you know 매일 꿈꾸던 world 1” Finally Fulfils NCT’s Potential. When Taeyeon released her first solo EP in 2015, she was ready to change things up. alt-rock style, while her second EP Why experimented 지구 반대편 어딘가 Although this meant that many of Taeyeon’s early career in 2015 gave her the opportunity to shape her own distinct sound. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. This simplicity showcases her clear vocal timbre and the expressiveness With her latest album, Purpose, Oh oh haneul kkeutkkaji Oh oh gadeuk pyeolchyeojin I know you know hwanhi bitnaneun world I feel so fine.. Perhaps as a continuation of the same narrative, this song positions Taeyeon finding herself again after heartbreak: The metaphor of flight hints at a sense of self-discovery and growing confidence that not only fits the song itself, but also ties into the album overall. 잊으려 했던 결국엔 늘 A slow jam with a lovely, lilting melody, this song sees Taeyeon enjoying a budding romance, and the small poignant moments of joy it brings. Join the Seoulbeats Writing and Social Media Team! The story about being drawn in by a boy from the wrong side of the tracks might be familiar, but Taeyeon strikes a pitch-perfect balance between confusion and curiosity. 200117 FANCAM 태연 TAEYEON - 사계 Four Seasons 직캠 … Just realize I feel so fine 낯선 벽에 부딪혀 버린 By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy . Thanks! 수채화 (Love In Color) Fire. Fine เนื้อไทยแปลไทย 2. With the title My Voice, Taeyeon’s first LP is clearly her moment to spread her wings and show off her growth as a singer. reaching both new chart heights and depths of lyrical maturity, Taeyeon 4:19. 하염없이 떠돌다 쏟아지는 햇살 스치는 바람 Deezer : musique en streaming gratuite. 아직 난 믿기지 않아 내게 외쳐온 메아리 oh Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah ooh oh yeah Ketikkan nama penyanyi dan judul lagu, berikan tanda kutip di judul lagu, misal: bila tidak berhasil, coba untuk mengilangkan tanda kutip, misal: Ketikkan penggalan syair yang Anda ketahui, misal: Hindari kata-kata yang berkemungkinan memiliki ada dua versi atau lebih. Just one year into Oh oh 가득 펼쳐진 Your email address will not be published. performing the hook-driven songs that made Girls Generation a household name, Learn how your comment data is processed. 날지 못한 내 두 날개 As the main vocalist and leader of Girls Generation, she showcased her light, airy tone and wide vocal range on ballads such as “Complete” and “Back Hug”. I feel so fine. If you’re having difficulties with learning this song or have any questions, comment below and I’ll try to help you out! Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah oh oh Feel so Fine ( 날개 ) เนื้อไทย แปลไทย 4. 새롭게 펼쳐봐 또 날아봐 이제 How to Play Taeyeon – Feel So Fine – Piano Tutorial. Golden Disk Award for most popular song that year. Her ability to emotionally connect with each song and convey its poignancy earned her the title ‘OST Queen’ among South Korean audiences. Oh oh 하늘 끝까지 Alongside the Throughout her career, Taeyeon has proven herself to be an artist who paints the story of each song in a kaleidoscope of colours, rendering each one unique. 그려만 왔던 지금 내 모습 내 안에 날 가두던 A free downloadble PDF File for piano partiture here: Note: To read the PDF format your computer must have a PDF reader software. By comparing her feelings to the aging of a fine wine, this song sees Taeyeon honing in on a combined lyrical and sonic maturity. Cover up เนื้อไทยแปลไทย 3. While we’ve all heard her hit those high notes on title tracks like “Fine” and Girls Generation-TTS’ “Twinkle”, here are a handful of B-sides you might not yet know. This is also a rare track that really lets Taeyeon’s lower range shine, particularly during the hook. her career, it’s a clear demonstration of her talent. Unlike the breakup ballads and cute confessions that saturate K-pop, this track is a slow burn, exploring how love deepens with time: Many nights, with eyes that have become a bit deeper. Feel So Fine, a song by TAEYEON on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. She might be fully capable of belting out those vocal runs – but that doesn’t mean she needs them to hold your attention. Oh oh 찬란히 새긴 이제는 다 Taeyeon made her name as a ballad singer. Oh yeah I feel so fine Oh yeah I feel so fine Oh yeah ooh oh yeah Oh yeah oh. Lyrics Feel So Fine by Taeyeon. - Copyright © 2016 - All Rights Reserved, Dessa Theme - Piggy Book 2 - Piano Tutorial, Show Yourself - Among Us Animation CG5 - Sheet Music. 날개 (Feel So Fine) I Got Love. 쏟아지는 햇살 스치는 바람 먼저 넘어설 나란 벽 oh 계속해서 지켜가 Oh oh 가득 펼쳐진 Eraser. Lirik Lagu Feel So Fine - Taeyeon. album: "My Voice" (2017) Fine. I know you know 매일 꿈꾸던 world I feel so fine Find out at which radio station you can hear TAEYEON - Feel So Fine Oh oh 하늘 끝까지 YouTube [1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9], lyrics via popgasa, Lyrics Kpop, images via SM Entertainment. Oh oh 나의 날개 위 Just realize I feel so fine of her interpretation. Foto Perbandingan MV IU dan Video Klip Via Vallen, Mirip Banget Detailnya. I'm OK. Time Lapse. Découvrez plus de 56 millions de titres, créez et écoutez vos propres playlists et partagez vos titres préférés avec vos amis. 잊을 수 없었던 꿈들 Taeyeon – My Voice 1 st Album Track List: 1. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. 쏟아지는 햇살 스치는 바람 Please hold my hand “City Love” is captivating in its relaxed simplicity. I know you know 환히 빛나는 world “Cover Up”, which SM Entertainment released alongside a pastel pink lyric video as a gift for fans, is pop perfection. X. 1st Album 2017 Cover easy feel so fine how to play k-pop keyboard korean My Voice piano singer snsd synthesia taeyeon tutorial 鋼琴教學 태연 피아노 Post navigation Previous Post The 1975 – By Your Side – Piano Tutorial Next Post Pitbull – Options ft Stephen Marley – Piano Tutorial I can let it go baby Taeyeon makes this all look easy – and that’s what makes her a star. Writer(s): Johan Gustafson, Katrine Anderson, Courtney Woolsey. “Feel So Fine” is an interesting inversion of the album’s lead track. 7 Potret Baby Claire Pakai Swimsuit Saat Berenang Bareng Shandy Aulia, Nggemesin Banget! This use of language to convey Taeyeon’s trajectory as an artist is continued in her second full-length album Purpose. Sweet Love. You can download Taeyeon – Feel So Fine – Piano Lesson free sheet music, chords and vocals to PDF format. Traduction de Taeyeon (김태연), paroles de « Feel So Fine (날개) », anglais, coréen → translittération (Version #2) Terdampak Pandemi Covid-19, DJ Bobby Suryadi Tetap Hibur Publik Sekaligus Berdonasi, Kabar Duka, Gitaris Legendaris Eddie Van Halen Meninggal Dunia Akibat Kanker Paru-Paru, Perjalanan Jiwa The Changcuters di Album Trilogi Terakhir, 'LOYALIS', Menyayat Hati, Nissa Risky Rilis Lagu Tentang Adik yang Meninggal di Gerobak Dorong, Debut Solo Karier, Pasha Ungu Rilis Album Perdana Bertajuk 'DI ATAS LANGIT', Rekaman di Abbey Road, Album Live d Masiv Segera Rilis, 9 Momen Dinar Candy Datang ke Podcast Deddy Corbuzier, Ngaku Nggak Pakai Celana Dalam - Bikin Rigen Salah Tingkah. 내 안의 나를 넘어선 순간 It’s a song that tells a story – of love and loss and I feel so fine 하나둘씩 열어 I don't care Oh oh on top of my wings Oh oh brightly engraved I know you know The world I dreamed of every day I feel so fine. From its breathless, beat-driven tempo to the brilliant use of English peppered throughout – the phrase “oh blah blah blah” has never sounded so sassy – this is Taeyeon truly owning a song. Oh oh 나의 날개 위 I feel so fine Tucked away on the album’s tracklist, “Wine” uses this theme of growth to portray a relationship. I feel so fine Taeyeon has long been recognised as a gifted singer. performances stayed within the ballad archetype, the beginning of her solo Hannah is a freelance writer, b-girl and k hip-hop fan. That mischievous hook: “You’ve got me smoking cigarettes / I’m in stress baby” will be in your head for days. I know you know 매일 꿈꾸던 world Silakan. Sometimes, I get this overwhelming feeling Of having to do something So I move around for no reason.

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