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Perrino & Associates works with food and equipment manufacturers as an “outsourced resource” working behind the scenes to maximize opportunities. The Perrino & Associates Team is made up of cross-functional food industry specialists with over 100 years of combined experience, committed to helping manufacturers drive top line growth by delivering insights and solutions to its customers. Perrino & Associates counts a broad array of the finest food, beverage, and equipment producers among its clients that are, in turn, current and prospective suppliers to some of the world’s largest foodservice and retail companies.

Perrino & Associates started with a simple idea. By closely collaborating with manufacturers on strategic objectives and applying disciplined approaches to business development it was possible to far exceed end users’ expectations, adding value never offered before. Throughout its fourteen year history, Perrino & Associates has developed a vast network and has built trusted relationships in and around the food industry.

Perrino & Associates ultimate goal is to work with integrity, always delivering the difference. “Client partners and their customers learn that we do our daily best to make good on our vision. We work hard to maximize opportunities and passionately and persistently challenge each other to deliver the best solutions. We hold honesty, integrity and confidentiality as the foundation of a trusting relationship and we believe that success must be mutually beneficial.”

  • We commit to our best work daily in order to provide unexpected value.
  • We hold honesty, integrity & confidentiality as the foundation of a trusting relationship.
  • We are exceptionally curious & responsive, if we don’t know, we will seek to know.
  • We believe success must be mutual and bring a fair return.
  • All while demonstrating respect for each other, life balance and a sense of humor.

Our supplier business partners outsource Perrino & Associates to more efficiently and effectively serve the food industry.

We are a team of cross-functional food industry specialists

Our handful of customers are primarily food companies

We have 100+ years of combined food industry experience-vast network and trusted relationships

We work with integrity, apply business development, product development and marketing expertise, efficiently and effectively inspire, challenge and align resources to deliver solutions

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