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A new study released by the Fluent marketing agency revealed some interesting findings about the expectations of the 20.5 million students enrolled this fall for the QSR restaurants they patronize off-campus.
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By the numbers (NPD): 1.) Breakfast occasions are forecasted to grow 5 percent through 2019; and 2.) Morning snacking (home & away-from-home) has increased 17 percent over the past six years. Consequently, operators are looking to capitalize on breakfast growth thus looking to enhance menu items – signature beverages, protein entrees, seasonal LTOs and ingredients (e.g., sweet & savory sauces). Customization has also become a driving force.
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Coca Cola published the findings of a study that indicated there are 2.5 billion ways to reach beverage consumers per week; 17 guest/life beverage situations. Overall, they concluded beverages drive choices in an estimated 45% of all Away-From-Home eating and/or drinking situations. In addition, hey also analyzed the consumers’ moods and food parings to round out the top 3 choices. Note: Link below to article complete with infographic summary worth reviewing.
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Menu innovation disruption was the spine of foodservice guru Nancy Kruse’s speech – simple ingredients, programmed dieting no longer popular, comfort food, breakfast 24/7 and ethnic experimentation (a.k.a. global flavors). Show Floor Highlights: Non-GMO now is the new gluten-free, plant-based proteins (e.g., aquafaba a chickpea liquid, egg white substitute), flavorful snacks (a.k.a. sweet heat) galore, smoothies 3.0, cooktop technology and on-demand convenience (a.k.a. delivery).
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QSR hamburger chains went back to combo meals and consumers responded positively according to new NPD research. Combo meal visits increased by 1 percent for year ending February 2016 versus the prior year. The Big Three were collectively responsible for order increases – an additional 110 million combo meal deal orders; 686 million in total for a rate of 8 percent (year ending 2/16) up from a total of 6 percent (year ending 2/15).
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It is clear that breakfast has gone 24/7, but it now appears one byproduct has been the extensive growth of the breakfast biscuit category – products that are better-for-you (gluten-free) and convenient. More specifically in the foodservice channel, biscuits have gained popularity due to their rising acceptance of being more than just a Southern (regional) comfort food. Biscuit innovation has also resulted in unique flavored carriers for breakfast sandwiches throughout the different regions of the country.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a food broker?

Answer – Perrino and Associates is not a broker. We do not buy or sell goods or assets for others.

What types of companies do you work with?

Answer – Perrino & Associates counts an array of the finest food and beverage manufacturers among its clients. We proudly service a diverse client base of large to mid-sized entities. Our client partners range from Fortune Global 500 to midsize companies more entrepreneurial in nature, public and privately held, offering both branded and private label products (bakery, beverage, dairy, produce, prepared, protein, etc.). Please contact us for specific information related to your business.

Can anyone work with Perrino & Associates?

Answer – Our ambition is to add value to our industry partners. Perrino & Associates takes pride in spending the upfront time and effort to gain a thorough understanding of each prospective partner to ensure strategic alignment. We help foster success for companies that have the capability, long term commitment and appetite to be industry leaders, innovators and strategic thought partners. Please contact us for specific details related to your business.

What exactly does Perrino & Associates do?

Answer – Perrino & Associates is a food industry consultancy with expertise in a number of areas. Our list of services includes: business development; project management; culinary support; social media; marketing; strategic planning and executive coaching. This flexibility enables us to customize our work to the needs of our clients. We work with integrity to effectively align resources which have resulted in topline growth for our business partners. We work hard to maximize client opportunities and passionately and persistently challenge each other to deliver the best solutions. Please contact us for specific details related to your business.

Do you perform purchasing or quality assurance functions?

Answer – While our team demonstrates deep knowledge to support our clients in navigating these functional areas, we do not perform these functions.

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