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The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans were released early January. Compared to the old guidelines, they do not reference any limitations on cholesterol, but do address how adults and children ages 14 and over should limit their sodium intake to less than 2,300 mg per day. Also included were recommended healthy eating patterns: more variety of fruits and vegetables, grains, more soy products, seeds, nuts, etc.
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December articles confirmed that breakfast all day has been a win for the foodservice industry. Its success can be attributed to multiple factors – the economy, calorie disclosure legislation, etc. With more operators jumping on the bandwagon, competition has become fierce. Consequently, to circumvent to the price wars, innovation will be key. One item that is getting trendier are hot cereals beyond oatmeal. Grains like quinoa, bulgur and barley are gaining popularity among hot cereal consumers.
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Greek yogurt, lead by Chobani, spiked up the sales of the yogurt category. What’s next? Mintel projects a 16% increase in sales gains from now until 2020; total category will reach $9.25 billion. As the growth of Greek yogurt slows down, here are some of the rising stars that will fuel category growth: new flavors (savory/herbal), mix-ins (nuts, grains), drinkables and beyond cow milk (goat).
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onsumers are searching for the “better burger.” New research from Mintel UK indicates a shift (7%) of British burger fans from QSR to operators offering gourmet burgers. Overall 52% indicated they would be interested in trying a more upscale burger with 29% saying thicker patties would be the deciding factor, followed by different proteins, buns and selection of toppings. Mintel believes that gourmet burgers add value and will continue to fuel UK burger growth.
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Morning meals either during the AM daypart or 24/7 continue to be in the spotlight. Packaged food manufacturers and restaurants are all fighting for their fair share of stomach. Consequently, breakfast growth will continue to be rampant. For restaurants it will be important to serve food fast and fresh, portable and with a variety of beverages (coffee and juices). Note: Ethnic inspired breakfast items are gaining popularity.
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“Breakfastarians” is a new term coined on the Internet for consumers that crave breakfast foods 24/7. Overall breakfast visits (attributed to an improving job market) were up 4 percent for the year ending May 2015 (NPD). A 2014 NRA survey indicated 72 percent of U.S. consumers wished restaurants offer breakfast items all day long. Consequently, most of the major U.S. chains are jumping on the 24/7 breakfast bandwagon. Consumer time constraints also drive breakfast sales.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a food broker?

Answer – Perrino and Associates is not a broker. We do not buy or sell goods or assets for others.

What types of companies do you work with?

Answer – Perrino & Associates counts an array of the finest food and beverage manufacturers among its clients. We proudly service a diverse client base of large to mid-sized entities. Our client partners range from Fortune Global 500 to midsize companies more entrepreneurial in nature, public and privately held, offering both branded and private label products (bakery, beverage, dairy, produce, prepared, protein, etc.). Please contact us for specific information related to your business.

Can anyone work with Perrino & Associates?

Answer – Our ambition is to add value to our industry partners. Perrino & Associates takes pride in spending the upfront time and effort to gain a thorough understanding of each prospective partner to ensure strategic alignment. We help foster success for companies that have the capability, long term commitment and appetite to be industry leaders, innovators and strategic thought partners. Please contact us for specific details related to your business.

What exactly does Perrino & Associates do?

Answer – Perrino & Associates is a food industry consultancy with expertise in a number of areas. Our list of services includes: business development; project management; culinary support; social media; marketing; strategic planning and executive coaching. This flexibility enables us to customize our work to the needs of our clients. We work with integrity to effectively align resources which have resulted in topline growth for our business partners. We work hard to maximize client opportunities and passionately and persistently challenge each other to deliver the best solutions. Please contact us for specific details related to your business.

Do you perform purchasing or quality assurance functions?

Answer – While our team demonstrates deep knowledge to support our clients in navigating these functional areas, we do not perform these functions.

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