Perrino Overview


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About Perrino & Associates

Embedded in the McDonald’s System, we know how to create opportunities for your company.  Our strength is rooted in our collective experiences and how we help bring these to life for the success of the System.

Using our learnings, Perrino & Associates strives to help McDonald’s System suppliers grow by connecting them with McDonald’s stakeholders and other suppliers to create opportunity. 

Perrino & Associates helps McDonald’s System suppliers grow; it is as simple as that.

Our Approach


Facilitate transparent communication to reveal how your company will add value to the McDonald’s System


Unpack challenges and gaps and identify opportunities


Design a plan made up of simple, creative and effective solutions


Put your plan into action

What Our Clients Say

“Perrino & Associates expertise helped us go to market faster than we ever though possible.”

“Perrino & Associates made it their mission to be accessible when we needed them. Their approach to our business was diligent, responsive, and reliable. Whenever they walk thru our door, I feel a wave of relief knowing they’ll deliver.”

“They make my job easier. I make one phone call and tap into a huge network of possibilities.”

“They have an uncanny way of moving projects forward and getting to decisions. We call this “The Perrino Effect.””