Who We Are

Perrino & Associates is a consulting company  of Foodservice industry veterans with a strong track record in business development, relationship building and strategic account management. We use our expertise to turn business relationships into McDonalds success stories.

What We Do

We leverage our knowledge of the system to identify and feature your company’s most important attributes and capabilities to build a plan to help you connect with key stakeholders that are needed to create a productive McDonald’s relationship.

How We Do It

Our approach (Discover, Understand, Develop, Execute) has proven effective in revealing important company attributes and capabilities.
We then leverage our team’s experience to assist our supplier partners with a strategic approach to building strong relationships and superior execution that drives growth.

Our Values

We commit to our best work daily in order to provide unexpected value.

We hold honesty, integrity & confidentiality as the foundation of a trusting relationship.

We are exceptionally curious & responsive, if we don’t know, we will seek to know.

We believe success must be mutual and bring a fair return.

All while demonstrating respect for each other, life balance and a sense of humor.

Our Mission

Passionately and Persistently Work with Our Supplier Partners to Deliver Simple Smart Solutions

Our Vision

Deliver the Difference Every Day

Our Team

Jan Perrino

Jan Perrino


Jan Perrino, CEO, thrives when she is helping other people thrive—whether they are members of the P&A team, partner suppliers or others. Her eye for strategy was honed through years working with McDonald’s and top manufacturers. Never one to rest on her laurels, Jan’s natural curiosity inspired her to earn a master’s degree in 2016, launch an inclusive group of suppliers called the McDonald’s Supplier Network in 2015, and to be an active member of the McDonald’s U.S Supplier Advisory Council since 2008, chairing it beginning 2021. She pours her insights directly back into P&A, where her foodservice knowledge is only rivaled by her New York Times’ Spelling Bee skills.

Karen Gleason

Karen Gleason


Karen Gleason, Partner/President, makes it her business to understand clients’ businesses, but she much prefers the term “inquisitive” to “nosy.” Although she would have made a great detective, we’re glad she went into foodservice, where she spent the last 30+ years working in just about every facet of the industry. Her experience and endless enthusiasm for helping others primed her for the role of Partner/President at Perrino & Associates. In addition to her leadership role at P&A, Karen oversees the McDonald’s North American Supplier Network as co-president.  Still, she’s never one to just sit back, so don’t be surprised to find her with sleeves rolled up in the food lab or on a job site with a joyful smile on her face.

Mike Perrino

Mike Perrino


Michael Perrino, COO, is our resident Mr. Fixit, preferring to see problems as challenges. His persistence and healthy dose of perfectionism were highly valued traits during his tenure on executive teams throughout the food industry. Luckily for us, Perrino & Associates scooped him up to lead the way with all things related to business operations. Of course, he isn’t all business… Just ask him about his latest gig playing drums with a local band. Mike’s deep insights from the food industry not only make him an incredible asset for our team, but also for our partner suppliers’ businesses.

Kim Burk

Kim Burk

Creative Director

Kim Burk, Creative Director, is the person most likely in our office to dream about food. After jump-starting her “career” by  planning a surprise anniversary party for her parents at the age of 10, Kim went on to lead the development of products, oversee plant inspections and play pivotal roles in marketing efforts. After 10 years embedded in McDonald’s menu team, she is a uniquely qualified photography assistant, assisting with most McDonald’s photo shoots. For over a decade, she has bettered the P&A team with her food service expertise, genuine enthusiasm and party-planning tips.

Alex Dreckshage

Alex Dreckshage

Business Development

Alex Dreckshage, Director Business Development, has never encountered a timeline she couldn’t tackle. Nicknamed the “Get It Done Girl” around our office, her attention to detail and steel-trapped memory are unmatched — at least after she’s had her
essential first cup of coffee. In a world where many people are dominated by “left brain” or “right brain” ways of thinking, Alex brings the perfect blend of creativity and pragmatism to the Perrino & Associates team. (Not to brag, but she also brings some killer homemade pasta to our potlucks.)